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   Project started on October 24, 2012
World Help Shipibo

the project HELP SHIPIBO is a iniciative that intends to help the community shipibo with permaculture knowledge, health and nutricionist education, while also collecting funds for emergencial medic treatments for people of that community who can afford to pay for medical exams or treatments.

The communitty shipibo is suffering enormous preassure to survive not only as their enviroment is being destroyed and the source of natural food, and medicine also. This is affecting directly on their lifes as they tend to start to buy cheap food on the markets which is causing several diseases among their people. I notice while helping that 2 people has hepatitis b for years, and just discover now after we fund for their exams, it shows how vulnerable they are as they cant even pay for the exams! Since they originally always lived from hunting and extracting from the rain forest, they lack on knowledge on plantations and permaculture or self-sustainable systems, as how to avoid. Along this kind of suport and teaching they can be more resistent to the risk of perishing along their culture music and medicinal knowledge. If i raise money enough for the treatments i am helping now, Teresa (£2000) surgery (one week), and other5 treatments (£1000) (prior funding), i will start raise money to buy land and build tambos (£20000) where on the future the voluntaries with knowledge on permaculture, natural alternative treatments, nutricionists will be sheltered while they help me do this work on field.

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come and stay with authentic curanderos shipibos for sessions with sacred medicine and get involved with the project we are starting.
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