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Tomoko is set in Tokyo, Japan on New Year's Eve in a small one room apartment belonging to Jake. Having been kicked out of a club, Jake and his friends return early from an evening out and discuss what to do with the rest of the night. Agreeing to see in the new year at Jake's place, three of the group leave to purchase provisions. Half an hour later, they reconvene to discover that the body of a Japanese girl has somehow materialised in the middle of the room. With none of them being able to account for the others' whereabouts, and with an embarrassing inability to call for help in Japanese, all hell breaks loose as the group turn on each other hurling wild accusations about how this dead body supposedly appeared out of thin air.

Baker and Large have carefully adapted an existing script of theirs into a brilliant thriller with the ebb and flow of youthful exuberance and sinister accusations. There is room for the cast to inhabit their characters and carve personalities which will truly leave the audience guessing.

The film will be shot from the 21st-28th November in New Cross Gate, London. A carefully constructed purpose built set will be designed by the outstanding Jim Walker, who has already worked with Baker and Large on their multi-award winning feature film Wounded (2011). The set will feature removable panels in order to squeeze a light or two in where necessary (and the camera), it will also be built to the specification of a Japanese apartment and in itself become a character within the film, adding to the claustrophobia of the whole piece.

There will be an accompanying documentary with the film, which is already underway being produced by Sam Franklyn and Nicholas Jessup with Carolina Oliveira attached to direct.

The team have set themselves big targets but hope to champion the development of the new digital technology moving into the movie industry at an extreme rate. Having established an understanding of the DSLR format, we are graduating to the game changing Canon C300 and hope to capitalise on the burgeoning thriller market in the UK.

Here are some of the aims of the film:

- The film’s intended target is to premier at Film4‘s Fright Fest 2012.

- The film will be entered into Raindance Film Festival 2013 in order to win either Best Feature or Best Micro Budget Feature. The films pictured below, Stranger Things and Monk3ys are the two we wish to emulate. Both of which went on to secure distribution deals.

- It is commercially viable for more general release and will appeal to distributors. Some of the distributors we will be showing the film to are: Studio Canal, Pathe, Vertigo, The Works and Left Hand Films.

- typically suited to the 15-35 age demographic.

- This demogrpahic is the highest customer base for cinema attendance and DVD sales. In the past few years, Black Pond (c.£25,000) and Eden Lake have garnered considerable success as low budget thrillers’ in the UK and Woman in Black broke all records for DVD sales and cinema attendance in the UK. It took £3.1 million in its opening weekend, proof of the thriving thriller market in the UK.

Posted on 27/09/12

Running on the Midnight Road

Our first WeFunded short film Running on the Midnight Road is available online... Shot entirely on 550d it has received plaudits for its sound design, soundtrack and styling! Please watch it and enjoy

Posted on 18/09/12

Film Night @ Riki Tik 11/9/2012

WHAT AN EVENING! At short notice the Brighton friends and newcomers of Concrete Rose came out to show their support for the future by joining us to celebrate the past. A celebration of the last year as we watched a few of Concrete Roses favourite films including Kharon (d. Dino Kazamia) and Community Spirit (d. Sam Franklyn) which were both received brilliantly. A brief Q+A followed and the audience were left assured that the creative team behind Tomoko were the correct set of pairs of hands (!?) and they welcomed the announcement of the project proper by donating some extra funds to our cause. A huge thank you to all who that made the evening the spectacular event that it was. Thank you to Riki Tiks for letting us do the event!

Posted on 18/09/12

Final Auditions

We had the final round of auditions just last week; and what an evening it was. Messrs Baker and Large cast their directorial eye over the 8 remaining candidates as they improvised various scenarios for a number of hours. Some hilarious moments, brilliant performances and tough competition developed as whatever the final decision may be - Tomoko is sure to have a brilliant cast at the heart of it.

Posted on 20/08/12


We held our auditions the other day. The first step in the process of securing the ideal ensemble cast. It is imperative when shooting something like Tomoko that the casting be just right in order to get the most out of the players'. Let's hope the calibre and quality of the people we saw is reflected by us in the final product.... We know it will be! HAHA!


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