My little bit of the South West Scouts Expedition to Madagascar

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   Project started on October 22, 2012
My little bit of the South West Scouts Expedition to Madagascar

Providing water, sanitation and delivering peer education to some of the poorest families in the world.

I am one of the leaders of the Expedition. My task is to organise the 'Project' section of the expedition. 15 Explorer scouts will be working and living alongside 10 Malagasy scouts. Together they will provide education and support in orphanages, provide sanitation education and support local people in managing safe water supplies, construct a toilet and shower block for the use of a local community which has no access to running water. The Scouts will be in Madagascar for a month. If I am able to fund it I hope to go for two and a half months. I will divide my time between working in childrens homes and supporting the construction of the foundations for the toilet and shower block.

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Hayley Fisher

November 22



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