'HINGED' Dance co perform 'Rain Man' at Resolution 2013.

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'HINGED' Dance co perform 'Rain Man' at Resolution 2013.

'HINGED' Dance Co have been successful in there application for Resolution 2013! Resolution is a highly recognised platform for new choreographers and dance companies. Each dance company is reviewed by established dance critics . For our company to perform at the venue we need to be able to pay dancers and studio fees , this is the only money we shall be asking for. We need to pay our dancers because we believe they should be paid for the wonderful work they produce and the commitment they show.

HINGED - A new contemporary dance company that hopes to dedicate its works to those who are living under extreme circumstances and aspiring to reach greater heights and achieve their goals.

Hinged is a story based company that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance.

The proposed work for ‘Resolution!’ is based upon the book and film, ’Rain Man’ written by Barry Morrow. .The choreography will use intricate gestures and urban elements that capture the mathematical thought patterns of Peeks’ wonderful brain.

Taira Foo founded 'HINGED' in 2011 she , wanted to create a filmic experience for the audience through contemporary dance.

We want to make the audience feel... We want to make the performers feel…

I have attached a file that shows our previous work 'The Soloist' It shows the style of the shows we produce and the choreography.

Review of our past work , 'The Soloist'............... The final work of the evening, HINGED’s The Soloist, was without doubt the most complete group performance of my Resolution! experience. Performed by choreographer Taira Foo’s mammoth cast of twelve dancers, this narrative work was attacked with dynamism and crisp precision. Power relationships flit back and forth as the protagonist, a violin player, seemingly conducts the chorus’ every move through the swish of his bow and ripple of his body. The performance was textured, complex, chaotic, pulsing, thrusting, bubbling and explosive…

Lucy Jarvis

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