Help Blueroom To Go On Tour!

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   Project started on October 12, 2012
Help Blueroom To Go On Tour!

We've got the songs, we've got the recordings and we've got the people, now all we need is you! Please help us reach our pledge so we can kick off our first ever tour!

For the past 5 Months, we've been working non-stop in the studio, writing and recording our new EP. It's been a long and tiering proces involving sweat, tears and in somecases blood! But...We have finally reached the end, and the result is an EP which hopefully should take the world by surprise! We're four weird looking guys who decided to create music in a style we knew had been long gone. Not really knowing if this could take us anywhere, and if people would ever be able stand the noise we call music? After playing together for 2 years the hard work finally started to pay off, as we received a call from the well acclaimed London based PR company 'Playground Promotions'. After a few meetings backwards and forwards, we finally settled on a deal! THEY WANT US TO GO ON TOUR! this all seems very exciting, and it is! but as always, happiness comes at a price. This is where we need you... All we need is to raise funds towards the major expenses it takes to go on tour (basically staying alive) We would be highly, extremely, exceedingly greatfull for a bit of help. We will obviously reward every contribution, going all the way from Digital downloads of our Tracks, to Deluxe Editions containing hard copy and limited T-shirt print. We hope you'll like our music, and hopefully we'll be coming to your town!

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Oren Jury

October 13



October 12




£1,800 Target





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Pledge £5 or more

HQD (High Quality Download) -Get our previous 4 Track Debut EP -High Res Artwork

Pledge £10 or more

HQD (High Quality Download) -Get the new 3 Track EP in Wav format 24bit -High Res Artwork

Pledge £15 or more

HC (Hard Copy) -Hard Copy of the new 3 Track EP -(Does Require Delivery)
(50 available)

Pledge £20 or more

Hand Designed Band T-Shirt -Limited Designed -Only Comes in Medium - Stock May Differ, Depending On Deluxe EP sale -(Does Require Delivery)
(20 available)

Pledge £25 or more

Deluxe COMBO! -Get A Hard Copy of our new 3 Track EP -Get a Limited Designed band T-shirt -Get a Hand Written thank you letter!
(10 available)

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