Vote Eric Mutch Mayor of Bristol 2012

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Vote Eric Mutch Mayor of Bristol 2012

Hello. My name is Eric Mutch, and I am an Independant Candidate in the Bristol Mayor Election on 15 November 2012.

If Elected I will pay every adult resident of Bristol an Unconditional Basic Income of £15,000 every year, index linked to inflation.

I started my Campaign For Mayor, under the pseudonym “Corrupt Bstard”.

This was a “Publicity Stunt” because that was the only way an Independant Candidate like myself, could gain any attention in the media.

I do not have any campaign funds and I do not have the backing of a huge “Party Machine” like the other Political Party Candidates.

It worked and I am now able to campaign under my real name, Eric Mutch.

Running this campaign is going to cost me around £2500 if I am to do it properly, including £500 to enter the election and £750 to have my only campaign leaflet sent out in the official electoral address brochure, to the 322,000 individual voters in he City of Bristol.

If you like what I am trying to do, would like to help, and can afford to contribute some spare cash towards these campaign costs, I have set up this “WeFund Campaign Funding Page”

Please only donate if you can afford to, and do not donate any more than £49.99 if you do choose to make a donation, because if you do, this being a political campaign, there are all sorts of hoops I need to jump through to accept it.

I know the other parties accept £millions, but they have an army of helpers and form fillers, whereas I am just a one man band, and don’t have time for all that shenanigens

If I recieve over 5% of the vote I will also recieve my £500 deposit back.

If this happens I will also donate the whole £500 deposit to the NHS.


I have found this website that can get anyone over the age of 18 a free £10 note.

So feel free to use it to claim yours and if you want to donate any of it to my campaign feel free, but not obliged in any way, it is solely your decision and choice.

Finally, once again, please do not donate more than £49.99 Anyway over to you.

Many many thanks

Eric Mutch

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