Dirty Blood

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Dirty Blood

‘So Joe - if I bashed your head in, Mum could have your heart. She could take your kidneys, liver, pancreas, even your bones. But alive today she can't have your blood.’ The lifetime ban on gay men donating blood changed to 12 months in October 2011, but what does it mean for gay men who want to save a life? Inspired by a true story, this exciting new play explores the effect the ban has on one family who are struggling to deal with leukaemia. Dirty Blood is the first play from new Scottish playwright, Calum Fleming.

Obviously we would love you to come see us, however we know this isn't always possible. So if you can't buy a ticket but would still like to support us then please give as generously as you can. The money raised in the WeFund is going to help us with the final expenses of Edinburgh however it'll also make a production of the show in London so much more possible! See- your donation would help support us in the long term! *£15 Pledge- subject to programme submission deadline (around the 25th of July) www.edfringe.com/whats-on/theatre/dirty-blood/ We will be taking donations at the end of the show on behalf of Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer charity who will consider donors regardless of their sexuality. We will also be giving each audience member a registration form if they want to sign up to be on the Anthony Nolon Register as a donor. EXTRA PLEDGE Our dignity for a £1000 donation

Posted on 14/07/12

Julie Walters!

An incredibly huge thank you to Julie Walters for her amazing donation. It's a huge help- thank you!

Posted on 04/07/12

Gandalf, what a ledge.

A massive thank you to Sir Ian McKellen for donating £250! A great start to our fundraising campaign before we even got started on WeFund!


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