A Significant Role

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A Significant Role

“I like to help women help themselves, as that is, in my opinion, the best way to settle the woman question. Whatever we can do and do well we have a right to, and I don't think anyone will deny us." -- Louisa May Alcott.

This project revolves around three new plays performed in repertory. The season focuses on women who have helped themselves and have strived to succeed in life. They are three inspiring plays predominantly written by Berri George, who is currently part of the Royal Court's invitation writers group. Most recently she had one of her short plays programmed at this year’s High Tide Festival as part of their Brunch plays. Whore was part of this year’s New Writing Festival at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Marcia Brown
Alexa Brown
Anne Zander
George Bull
Noah James
James Naylor

The three plays:

Mad Women
Directed by Adam Dattis, Mad Women examines the perceived madness of Mary Shelley, whose sensational personal life and loss of her children found release in her novel Frankenstein; Emily Dickinson, the 19th century American whose poems reached far beyond the confines of her reclusive life; the utopian feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman, plagued by depression, whose story The Yellow Wallpaper highlighted the horrors of confinement for women termed ‘mad’; and Virginia Woolf, the modernist genius whose own demons would eventually consume her.

Directed by Tim O’Sullivan, Whore is a bold, innovative insight into four of history’s most interesting prostitutes. Meet Theresa Berkley, a 19th Century Dominatrix, Marie Duplessis, a famous French courtesan, Polly Adler, a New York 1920’s brothel madam with heavy links to the mob, and Valerie Solanas, American prostitute turned Warhol assassin.

All Hidden
Directed by Sean Turner, All Hidden charts the stories of two courageous women; Eileen Nearne, an SOE during the Second World War and Sophie Walker, an intelligence officer within MI5 today. This is a play that conjoins the worlds of these female spies.

Each play will be performed for 10 shows throughout the whole of October at the amazing PopUp Cinema in the middle of Portobello Market – underneath the M4 flyover. We will be experimenting with both video art and animation throughout all shows. These are going to be immersive, innovative and provocative pieces of theatre.

Also involved within the Significant Role season is the Barefaced SCRATCH BENEATH Festival. New work. New artists. New possibilities. All Hidden is a short one act play, so we will be including alongside the shows, an opportunity for four new pieces of work from four new groups or individuals. We will be especially encouraging female directors, female playwrights with a unique voice, or women’s theatre groups experimenting with a new shows to take part.

We exist in challenging times, but I’m sure you’ll agree culture has a unique ability to access people, create communities, and positively influence society. We feel our project, A Significant Role, goes some way towards this. In order to produce this exciting season of work, we are humbly trying to raise £2,000. The money would be invested totally into the artistic venture and not be used for superfluous purchasing with regards to running a theatre company. If you have any questions at all before pledging, please get in touch! All donations small, middle sized, large and enormous are welcomed! The money will be used responsibly and on request we can let you know exactly how your money has been spent. So much thanks in advance to anyone who helps us out.

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