It is with regret that we are announcing that Wefund is closing its doors.

We would like to thank everyone that has been part of this fantastic site & as such, has utilised it to raise funding for all types of projects.

Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey. The Wefund Team.

Press items

Spike Theatre - The Games - Liverpool Echo

Spike Theatre launches a fundraising drive to take The Games to the Edinburgh Fringe

written by michael

Lunch with the FT

"Wefund was launched in October 2010 as the first crowd-funding platform for the arts in the UK. It was founded by Michael Troughton, a lawyer, in response to the series of cuts faced by arts funding in the country."

written by michael

Arts projects try to net 'crowd-funding'

Small companies that want to raise money for productions can advertise for backers on a newly launched website: WeFund.

written by michael

The art of giving: The Spectator 12th November

"It's an idea so simple in concept, so elegant in execution, so bursting with potential, that you kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself"

written by michael

WEFUND features in SHE magazine 13th October

Log on to and invest in a creative endeavour. Why not make your own dream a reality…

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WEFUND featured in The Evening Standard

"…, launched this week - artists make their pitch, micro-donors give fivers and tenners if they like the look."

written by michael

WEFUND featured in the BIG ISSUE 11-17 October 2010

"The scheme removes the need to adapt your project to satisfy the criteria of big funders such as the Arts Council, enabling any idea, however crazy, to have a chance of coming to fruition."

written by michael

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